Types of archery

Target archery: This is what most people think of in connection with Archery, and it takes place from a fixed shooting position on a flat field. Distances are from 90metres( or 100yds.) downwards for Men, and from 70metres( or 80yds) downwards for Women, in a great variety of FITA/metric or GNAS/yards Rounds, with specific distances depending on age for Juniors. The target faces have coloured rings for the different scoring zones, on 4ft butts. Target Archery is an Olympic Sport.

Field archery: Generally shot in woods up & down slopes; and sometimes over water; at Targets of varying sizes and distances, you walk a course moving from one Target to the next as in Golf. A Course can be ‘Marked’ where the distance is known, or ‘Unmarked’ where you have to estimate the distance yourself, or even a combination of both. There are metric FITA Rounds; shot on black circular faces with a yellow spot centre; or Forester/Big Game Rounds that have animal/bird faces.

Clout archery: This is similar to Target, but the Archers endeavour to drop the arrows at long range into a target on the ground, indicated by a flag. In GNAS, Men shoot at 180yds, Women at 140yds, and there are distances for Juniors depending on age. There is also a metric ‘FITA’ Clout for Men & Women, see the Rule Book for the appropriate distance for your bow style. The scoring zones are marked in the standard Target colours on a rope, which is walked around the centre Flag and your arrows score the value for the colour they are level with.

Flight archery: Flight consists of shooting for sheer distance, with classifications for the different types of bow.

Popinjay: Consists of shooting upwards with special blunt ended arrows, and trying to dislodge feathered plugs(birds)from perches on a 90ft mast. For obvious reasons it is not often available, although some Clubs put on horizontal versions.

Archery Darts: Shot on special Dartboard printed black&white faces for Club fun shoots, or to compete against local Darts Teams.

Hunting: Is practised in some Countries, but is illegal in this Country and so is excluded from the sport by the governing body, The Grand National Archery Society.